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Dog Refuses To Leave Gate After Owner Threw Him Out For Bring New Dog.

The dog is one of the most innocent animals in the animal kingdom. And they have a very gentle heart. Most dogs trust their owners a lot. Many dogs think that their owner loves them very much. But unfortunately not every dog owner like that. The love in the hearts of some pet owners is not pure.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

The owner of this dog named Leo is one such a person. Leo is a very gentle dog who tries to be friends with everyone. He really had a loving heart. But the owner did not like his dog’s behavior at all. Because he wanted a little aggressive dog to protect his home. So he decided to threw Leo out of the house. So one day this heartless owner threw the dog out of the property and locked the gate. The owner never let him enter inti the house again. But the dog sat and waited by the gate with hoping to be allowed return to the yard. So he doesn’t go anywhere. But it’s never happened. Poor Leo had no idea what was going on.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

Once the man left the house and returned to house. There the dog thought the owner would allow him to re-enter. Leo was very happy. But that happiness ended in a few seconds. Because he saw that owner had returned with another canine companion. Poor Leo’s heart was broken. Someone nearby was watching all this. He informed a rescue officer about this. She came and knocked on Leo’s owner’s door, but he did not respond. Then she found the owner’s phone number and called him. There he said the dog was truly unwanted.

Image : Love Furry Friends/Youtube Screenshot

After the dog was threwing out of the house, the neighbors fed him. And finally Rescue member took Leo to the vet. After a few treatments he became a completely healthy dog. He really is a very loving soft dog. After sharing his story online, it was viewed by millions. So four days after the video became popular, he met his eternal loving family.

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