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Owner Threw this Puppy Out On The Streets Because She Was Born Without Front Legs

For every pet owner, their pet is an invaluable asset. They do everything they can for their pets. Because for many pet owners, their pet is like their own kid. But not all pet owners are like that. Some people do unimaginable things to their pets. So today we are going to tell you an about such a dog owner.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/San Francisco SPCA

One day a man abandoned this little Chihuahua after she was born. That was after he discovering that she was born without front legs. So she lived on a street in San Francisco for several days after the owner left her in a cardboard box. She does not know why her owner left her on the road. Some people see this little puppy and hug him lovingly but when they see her birth problem they put her back in the box. But thankfully, one day she was found by a kind young man and he took her to the SPCA rescue organization.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/San Francisco SPCA

The staff initially did not believe the puppy’s life. But after receiving the love and care of the staff members, the puppy became a very loving and diligent puppy. She did not really know what her problem was. They named her Daffodil. She is a very sweet and loving dog. So they decided to make her life as comfortable as possible.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/San Francisco SPCA

So they decided to create an artificial legs with wheels for her. They even used a used a special cast to get the puppy’s measurements for her wheeled buggy. Walking with this wheels was not easy for her at first. She fell on several times. But she did not give up. Eventually she learned very well how to walk properly through it. She turned out to be a very cute naughty little girl. Olivia, Daffodil’s guardian, eventually adopted her. Thrown like garbage by the previous owner, she finally got a new lease of life.

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