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A Goose Keeping A Puppy Warm After He Was Abandoned On The Street

Many people say that man is the most intelligent creature in the world. Many researchers also said that animals are of lesser intelligence. But most people do not know that animals feel the same way that humans do. Many animals, like us, feel lonely, happy, and hungry. Today we are going to tell you a wonderful story about a dog and a freezing goose.

Image : Facebook

One day a very interesting post was quickly shared on social media. That post included a freezing goose trying to keep an abandoned puppy warm. It has gone viral. According to the post, the puppy was abandoned by its mother a few days after birth. Then, while living in the toad, he was found by a golden-hearted goose. The puppy was shivering from the cold and the goose quickly realized that he needed warmth. So the kind goose began to use its wings to keep the cold puppy warm.

She’s really amazing. Because such a thing can never be expected from a goose. The goose protected the baby from cold that’s not its own. Meanwhile a photographer saw this amazing incident and he did not forget to take few photos. She covered the puppy as much as she could using her wings. She hoped that her feathers would keep the puppy alive. In addition, the goose used its beak to pet the puppy who cuddled underneath its wings. After a while the puppy hugged her and fell asleep. Although a goose, she is a real mother. The man then posted some amazing photos of the goose and the puppy on the internet and they quickly began to be shared everywhere.

Image : Facebook

But he did not know that so many people would fall in love with this wonderful friendship. As a result, the goose and the puppy, were adopted together. Then their friendship began to grow in a home environment. After a while they could not separate and they spent the whole day together. It’s a really wonderful bond.

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