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Tiny Stray Chihuahua Puppy Falls from the Sky and Saved Miraculously

life is a wonderful thing. Sometimes life is can be a miracle. Some incidents in life we can not even believe. And it is impossible to imagine how our lives could have been saved by some incidents. Not only us but also the animals have to face such incidents. This is a story about a little dog who had to face such an amazing thing.

Image : Austin Animal Center

One day a group of construction workers were working as usual. It was the end of a very busy day. There they heard an unusual sound of a small puppy. But they could not figure out where the voice was coming from. But they could tell from his voice that the puppy definitely needed help. So the construction workers began to following after the sound to find the puppy. But they could not find anything. The puppy’s sound still heard. When one of them took a look above, they realized that the sound was coming from above. They were very surprised. Because no one could imagine how a puppy’s sound come from sky.

Image : Austin Animal Center

Moments later, they saw a large hawk carrying a small puppy and circling the sky. Their hearts were completely broken. But they realized that the puppy had to be rescue somehow. So they thought of a way to rescue puppy. But at once the hawk then released the dog. The puppy fell to the ground and the staff ran straight to check on him. They could not believe what they saw there. Fortunately, his life was rescued. He’s a little Chihuahua dog. Construction workers took the dog to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible. That was to check if he is ok. The puppy, taken to the Austin Animal Center (AAC), fortunately had only a few minor problems. But it is surprising that a puppy thrown from the sky by a hawk is so healthy. But he was a little weak. After the veterinarians treated him, he regained his strength and they named him, Tony Hawk.

Image : Austin Animal Center

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