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Tiny Abandoned Puppy Follows Officer And Requests Him To Take Him Home

Street life is by no means easy for very tinny puppies. Babies as well as small puppies need the protection of a mother. But some people don’t understand that. They separate the puppies from their mothers and leave them on the streets unkindly.

Image : LAPD Hollywood Division

Tavera and Mercado are two officers at LA department. One day while they walking in Hobart Boulevard they saw something unbelievable. That’s a little puppy walking alone on the road. They wondered about the man who had abandoned such a small puppy on the road. The puppy continued to follow the two officers. Like telling to take him with them. So the officers realized that he had to be rescued. So without thinking twice they directly took the little puppy and put him in their car. They then took the puppy to the department. On the way to the department, the puppy behaved well. He is so adorable. He sat on Tavera’s lap and looked lovingly at the two officers. It was as he thanking them for saving him.

Image : LAPD Hollywood Division

The cute puppy soon fell in love with other officers. And he never wanted to leave them. He wanted to stay with them. And all the officers soon fell in love with him. Then the Mercado officer took the dog and adopted him. And made him a happy little puppy. They named the dog Hobart. He was often brought to the department. So they announced that they joined the puppy as the newest member of the K-9 unit. This puppy that was thrown away by someone like garbage is no longer an ordinary dog. Because he is now a member of the K-9 unit.

Image : LAPD Hollywood Division

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