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The Dog, Rejected by the Villagers, Saved the Life of a Little Boy and Became a Hero

The pit bull is an aggressive breed by nature. So people have the same opinion about them as Rottweiler dogs. But what many people do not know is that pit bulls are also very loyal and lovely. Many people reject them because of their appearance. Because their appearance is very strong.

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But when given good training and socialization, they becomes a very loyal dog. In one village in Russia lived a large pit bull. A lot of people did not like him because of his giant appearance. Also, the pit bulls are so aggressive that no one approached him. At first he lived like a stray dog. But one day a woman in the area, Zinaida, saw this dog while walking to the shop. His body was thin and he had not eaten anything for a long time. As a result, he lost a lot of weight. She could not leave the dog. So she took the helpless dog home. She adopted him, fed him, and made him a bed in front of the house.

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Zinaida named him, Bass. As she lived in the house, a very strong bond developed between her and the dog. Because she was lived alone. But her neighbors did not like this this dog at all. Because Bass is a very big pit bull, a lot of people rejected him. Because of his large appearance, no one wanted to approach him. They tried to protect themselves from him whenever possible. But she did not take their words. In the summer her daughter and family came to her house. And they soon fell in love with the bass. In the meantime, something very amazing happened.

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One day girls and boys were playing. While they playing, one of the boy fell into the river. He had no way to get out of the river. The others asked for help to save him. The bass heard their voices and he ran to the river as fast as he could. Then, without a second’s delay, he jumped into the river and dragged the boy ashore. He is a heroic dog. If he had not done this that day, the boy’s life would have ended. At first no one liked the Bass. But after this incident everyone started talking about him. And from that day on, everyone started calling him a hero.

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