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Pit Bull Finds Love With Stray Puppy After Losing Her Own

Not all people are the same. Every people different from each other. Not only humans but also animals are like that. Every animal is different from other animals. Some animals are very lovable and some animals are not. So people can understand these simple facts. But some people who do not have a heart do not understand this. So they make very unkind decisions. Today we are going to tell you a story about such a heartless man.

Image : The Dodo

David S. Michaels lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He made an unbelievable decision one day. That was to put down his dog Simba. So he took the dog to the vet to put down him. He said that the dog’s inactivity and lack of playfulness as the reason for the put down him. And Simba was not very energetic or joufull. But the veterinarians could not agree with his decision. Rescue teams then knew about Simba. So they brought the dog to their shelter as soon as possible. The shelter staff were confused after seeing the dog. They could not imagine how they could decide to put down such an innocent dog.

Image : The Dodo

Veterinarians examined the dog and identified several health problems. Simba’s health has not been good for a long time and that is why he is not active and playfull. So his previous owner decided to put him down instead of treating him. Some people do not realize that animals have the same feelings like us. We cannot bear to see our family or closest ones abandoned un during a difficult times in life. So animals feel the same way. Eventually rescue workers gave the dog the veterinary care and nutritious food he needed. A few days later, Simba was recovered and became a very active, happy, playful and beautiful dog.

Image : The Dodo

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