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Dog Stares At His Vet In Love While He’s Being Treated

The dog is the most beloved and loyal animal in the animal kingdom. There is no other animal as beloved as the dog. Most dogs love not only their owner but everyone who loves them. Because their hearts are filled only with love. This is the best example of that.

Image : letipiccoli/Instagram

Any pet owner knows how hard it can be to get your pet to the veterinarian. They know it very well, especially when trying to take them to the vet. So some dogs do everything they can to avoid going to the vet. But this dog is very different from the other dogs. Letícia Piccoli is a veterinarian in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One day she had a strange experience. While she was treating one dog, she sits still throughout his whole appointment. Moreover, she was constantly looking at the veterinarian with lovely eyes. After the veterinarian upload a video of this amazing incident on the internet, it started to shared everywhere very fast.

Image : letipiccoli/Instagram

Most dogs are usually don’t like to meet the vet. But this dog’s procedure is very interesting. Dog remained very patient until she was treated. And she looked at het with a very loving face. Moreover, she also treated her by petting the dog and talking to her in sweet words. Everyone who saw this video were amazed. This is because such a combination between a dog and a veterinarian is very rare. She’s like her own dog. Letícia is also a veterinarian who is very calm and loving with every pet that comes to her. She loves to talk to pets and keeps a bowl of food in her office for them. So it is not a amaze that a dog falls in love with such a kind veterinarian. Because their hearts can feel love so well.

Image : letipiccoli/Instagram

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