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Rescued Dog Sees Owners For The First Time After Getting Eyesight

The dog is man’s best friend. There is no doubt about it. Because the dog has been the closest animal to human life from ancient times. And the man is often the dog’s best friend. Some people love their pets unconditionally.

Image : Hollyandbart/Instagram

Holly and Bart Emmerson are a couple who living in Canada. One day they made a very sweet decision. That’s to adopt a dog. They decided they want to adopt a dog when they heard about a rescued black cocker spaniel who was found roaming around Olive Street in Los Angeles So they had a friend in Los Angeles. So he flew the dog to Vancouver. The couple then took the dog home and adopted it. He was a very cute dog and they named her Olive. But unfortunately there was one problem with this cute puppy. She had lost her eyesight completely due to an eye problem.

Image : Hollyandbart/Instagram

So she could not even see his beloved owners. But she was a very loving and playful puppy. The couple loved her dearly. So they were thinking about how to make beautiful the life of little Olive. They took her to the best veterinarian. He said that the treatments can improve his eyesight. So they listened to the doctor’s advice. Eventually little Olive’s life changed completely. Holly and Bart were overjoyed when the veterinarian told them that her treatment had been successful. That’s really good news. For pet parents, this is as valuable as the world.

Image : Hollyandbart/Instagram

They ran to the vet to see their puppy. After they went to the vet, the couple could not control their happiness when they saw Olive coming towards them happily. It was a truly satisfying and memorable moment for Olive and her owners. Now she can see how beautiful the world is. The owners took her out to see the world she had never seen in her entire life. But unfortunately a few weeks later she lost her sight again. The vision in its eyes was short-lived. In the end little Olive had no choice but to remove her eyes to make life better. But she continued to be a cute and playful dog.

Image : Rumble Screenshot

But the beloved owners did not abandon her. They went from Canada to Spain and Olive was there with them. Holly and Bart gave her everything, even though she had no eyesight

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