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Dog Sleeps on His Rescuer’s Shoulder, Unaware That He’ll Be Taking Him Home

Anand Raman was going to meet his sister. It was a scorching day in Dubai. So while he was on his way to visit his sister, he came across an unexpected incident. He saw a dog seeking shade beneath the automobiles parked outside his sister’s business. This dog was very dirty and looked like a street dog. His heart broke after seeing the dog. He realized that this poor dog definitely need someone’s help. Because he is very weak. And when this poor dog saw Anand, something amazing happened. The dog ran towards him, with a confused yet enthusiastic expression. Like a friend who has been separated for a long time.

Image : Anandraman/Instagram

Anand had no idea that day he would save a life. But after seeing him, his pleased expression grabbed him. Anand soon fell in love with him because of the dog’s behavior. He sat on the sidewalk for a bit and caressed the dog. He then took the dog to the car and something amazing happened there. The poor furry boy slept on Anand’s shoulder. It felt to his heart. Anand first took him to the vet, where he was found with a number of health problems due to lack of foods. But with proper nutrition and treatment, they can be recover.

Image : Anandraman/Instagram

At first he was a very dirty dog. But after washing filth he was amazed to see that his fur was actually pure white. When he first came to Anand’s house he did not realize that he had got a beloved house. So he sat in a corner. But little by little he realized the truth. But at first, every time Anand took him for a walk, he did not want to go to the streets. It took him a long time to realize that he would never have a street life again.

Image : Anandraman/Instagram

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