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Abandoned Puppy Found in Zipped Suitcase at a Park

Many say that human is the advanced minded animal species in this world. But there is a problem with that opinion. Because some people have not a advanced mind but at least a normal mind And they have no heart. Because they do very unkind things. This is another story like that.

Image : Black Dog Rescue

One day a group of joggers discovered something incredible at an Etobicoke park. As they were walking in the park, they saw an abandoned zipped suitcase. They saw the suitcase moving a bit, so they opened the suitcase to check it out. There they were all amazed. From what they saw they were really confused. Because there was a dog in the suitcase. The poor dog is still alive. Fortunately the weather was warmer than normal. If the weather was cold, she would have lost her life. There were 200-metre long drag marks were discovered leading up to where the suitcase was discovered. They also said the suitcase was thrown down the hill above where they found it.

Image : Black Dog Rescue

They informed the rescue officers about this. She was taken to the Black Dog Rescue in Toronto. Fortunately, the dog’s health was good. She is a female Jack Russell mixed dog. The staff tried to find the owner of the dog but it was not easy. Because she did not have a microchip or an ID. But she received nutritious food and good comfort at the shelter. A man with a real heart cannot do such a thing. If the dog’s owner wanted to get rid of the dog, he could have taken her to a shelter. She is a very innocent dog. Her life could have ended if the Joggers had not found her.

Image : Black Dog Rescue

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