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Old Dog in Shelter Puts Paw on Woman and Let’s Her Know it’s time

As we say every day, we all want a happy and beautiful life. Not only us but animals also love such a life. But many people would often adopt the younger pets and abandon them as they get older. If not, they will be handed over to the shelters.

But thankfully, there are still people who understand that animals deserve to live their lives in a happy home. Such people adopt senior dogs instead of adopting puppies from shelters. This senior dog lived in a shelter in LA for several years. His health was not so good. He was so weak tand he was left with only skin. And no one was interested in adopting him. Because his fur had lost. So everyone avoided him. It is also a very crowded shelter.

Image : The Dodo/Youtube

But one day all this changed. One kind woman saw the senior dog and she fell in love with him. She is a rescuer from the Northwest Dog Project named Emma. He was in a complete mess and she realized that he needed to get out of this place. So Emma decided to adopt him and she processed the application for adoption. Realizing that his life was going to change, the dog responded by wagging his furless tail at Emma. He also loved being patted on the head. It was not difficult to take him home. Because he is a very sweet dog. After going home, Emma began to get dog back in shape. But the only challenge she had was that he refused to eat. Because he had no appetite. But she did not give up. She fed him somehow. He was given the treatment he needed.

Image : The Dodo/Youtube

So slowly he regained muscle strength. But one day the dog’s health began to collapse and she quickly took him to the vet. There the veterinarian said that his heart condition was not so good and his heart was in the final stage. So the vet told her to get ready to say goodbye in advance. But surprisingly when she came back the next morning, everything had changed. The dog greeted her so happily. He put his paw on her legs and gave her a kiss. In fact it was a miracle that he was still alive. She was very happy. After a few weeks, his fur began to grow back. But he expected to live for less than three weeks. But he exceeded expectations and lived much longer. That’s thanks to Emma and the veterinarians.

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