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Oil Rig Workers Found Tired Dog Swimming In The Water 130 Miles Away From Shore

Anything can happen to all of us at any moment. Maybe things happen to us in life that we never even dreamed. Such things happen not only to us but also to animals. Many kind people help us in such situations. So today we are going to tell you a story about a dog who faced such an amazing incident.

Image : Vitisak Payalaw

It is correct to say that this was a dog who had a second chance of life. An oil rig was in the gulf of 130 miles offshore of Thailand. One day oil rig workers saw something they had never expected. They saw something floating on the water. Apparently it was unusual because one of the worker, Vitisak Payalaw, quickly picked up his camera and began filming what he saw. They were amazed. That’s a dog. They could not imagine how a dog could swim in such a deep sea. According to Payalow’s Facebook post, the dog was swimming towards their platform. Luckily rather calm afternoon and the waves were small.

Image : Vitisak Payalaw

Workers were looking for a way to rescue him as soon as possible. But the waves were getting bigger and bigger. So they had to run with the time. They quickly found a way. So they decided to tie a rope around him and pull him in. Eventually the dog was dragged and clinging to the pole but he didn’t make any noise. Because he was so tired. They warmed him up and gave him some food. After a while he returned to normal. He was later taken to a veterinarian in Songkla, southern Thailand. Fortunately he had no problems. This dog’s story is truly miraculous. So they named him “Boonrod”. The name means “making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future.” Eventually one of the employee wanted to adopt him.

Image : Vitisak Payalaw

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