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Rottweiler Mom That Lost Own Litter Adopts Motherless Puppies in Need

Every mother loves her babies more than her own life. The love of mothers cannot be compare to the most precious thing in this world. Because there is nothing in this world as precious as mother’s love. So the loss of their babies is not something any mother can bear. It is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world. Because every mother is waiting impatiently untill born her babies. But if lose that all babies, a mother can’t bear it.

Bertha is a mama dog that has faced such an unfortunate incident. She is a Rottweiler mixed dog. Someone had abandoned her and she lived on the streets. One day when rescue officers went to rescue her, she was very close to giving birth. They took her to the shelter as soon as possible and they watched her very carefully. But after 24 hours the puppies still hadn’t come. So they felt that something was wrong. They took the dog to the vet as soon as possible. There the vet took out all the puppies from Bertha’s belly. But very unfortunately none of the pups were lucky enough to survive. They all left the world.

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Meanwhile, a volunteer team in Oklahoma found six motherless puppies.The all pups were few days old. They needed a mother’s warmth and milk very quickly. There they got information about Bertha and they brought the puppies to her. At first they were not so close. Because at first Bertha did not believe in puppies. But very soon they became as close as mother and pups. She began to feed and clean the pups. The six puppies and Bertha are now really like mother and puppies. So they are became a new family. She is a really great mother. Because even though she lost her pups, she gave life to the pups of another mother.

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