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The Owner Abandoned This Dog Because Of His Appearance

It is no secret that the dog is man’s best friend. Because of the loyalty of dogs, they have become man’s best friend. When something going to wrong with their owner, it quickly can understand dogs’ instinct. But unfortunately some people are not loyal to their dog.

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Not all dogs’ appearance are the same. lBut the heart of every dogs’ is so beautiful. But unfortunately the owner of Beaux Tox did not realize it. Beaux’s face is very different from other dogs. So his owner thought he was a very ugly dog. Although he is different from the other dogs but he is a cute dog. But his owner did not saw that beauty. So he decided to leave Beaux.

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Beaux’s life was not a beautiful one from the beginning. He was trapped in his mother’s belly and he had limited space to grow. As a result of this his face was changed. But because of the appearance of his face made it difficult for the breeders to sell him to an owner. So they gave him away for free. One day a man from Austin adopted him. But as the man’s cats began to not get along with Beaux, he sent the dog to the backyard. For five years from that day on, he lived alone in outdoors. He was completely ignored and due to lack of proper food he gradually started to get weak. At least he didn’t even have a kennel to lie on.

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Meanwhile, Jamie Hulit found out about him. Then she went to his house and she was able to find the poor puppy abandoned in the backyard. He was very weak and thin. She adopted him directly from his owner. She then took him to the vet. But the vet said there was a 50% chance of saving his life. But Hulit was not ready to give up the dog. She promised herself that she would never give up until the dog was recover. She did not leave his side for a moment. Thanks to her efforts, Beaux’s’ health improved a few months later. Although he has some problems with his left ear and eyes, he is a healthy dog overall. Eventually he became a very beautiful healthy dog. He had a very nice smile.

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