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Stray Dog Pulled Stuck Woman From an Overtuned Car and Saved Her Life

Dogs are always superheroes. Because when something goes wrong, their instincts understand it very quickly. That is why the dog can be called the most trusted and best protector in the world. There are many stories of dogs saving human’s lives. This is another such story.

Image : Carlos Aguilar/Youtube Screenshot

One day a woman named Shannon Lorio was driving her car as usual. But that day she had to face an unexpected incident. When she was through a wunding road, her car unexpectedly spun off the concrete. There, Shannon was threw out the rear window of the car. No one saw the incident. Because Shannon and the car were hidden in the woody area, far away from anyone. But a hero came to save her. That’s a homeless dog. The dog dragged her out of the broken car. This dog is like someone sent to her by God. Because thanks to him she was able to signal for help and treat. As a result, her life was miraculously saved.

Image : Carlos Aguilar/Youtube Screenshot

Shannon said to the media about the incident. There, she said, after a heated problem with her husband, Shannon took her car and left home to clean her head. She was too speeding and on the winding road she could not control the car. The car overturned. She threw out ofyhe back glass. Bottom part of her lying in the backseat, and her torso lying up onto the back of the trunk. She did not remember anything that happened. But she realized that she definitely needed someone’s help. But it was not easy because car was hidden in the woody area. But miraculously someone came to save her life. That’s the stray dog.

Image : Carlos Aguilar/Youtube Screenshot

As soon as she awake she started looking for information about this dog. After several days of searching for the dog, she was able to find him. She then named him “Hero”. She eventually took the hero to the local Humane Society. There, the dog trainer Heidi fell in love with Hero. So Heidi raised him and decided to train him to be a search and rescue dog. Because he’s great for that.

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