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Mama Dog Barked Near a Beach Get Someone’s Attention For Save Her Pups Lives

There is nothing in this world that can compare to the mother’s love. Mother’s love is worth more than diamonds. Because do things that no one else can do for their babies. Mothers’ hearts are so strong. There is nothing in this world that can compare with that energy. It is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world. Because animal mothers also love their cubs more than their own lives.

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This mama dog is such a loving mother. She was standing near a bush barked for help trying to get the attention of those going to the beach. That was in a beach area near Los Angeles. But unfortunately no one came forward to help her. Because no one cared about her. Why did everyone ignored her and walked by. But a volunteer fron The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation saw this poor dog. It was clear to the volunteer that she needed help. So she decided to follow the dog. She took her to a place a few yards away. There were four of her puppies. Her heart broke after seeing the puppies.

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Because these puppies, about a week old, needed help very quickly. They all were very dirty and surrounded by fleas. They must be saved from this condition if they are to survive any longer. So she rescued the puppies as soon as possible and took them to the shelter. There they were given the necessary veterinary treatments and nutritious food. There they got a new life. Thanks to the volunteer and staff, they all got a new lease of life. Now, the mother and her four puppies are safe. They are also receiving the care they need. The dog’s mother’s instinct is amazing. She knew very well that her pups needed someone’s help. So she came to the beach and tried to get someone’s attention. In the end her attempt was successful. So there is nothing a mother can do for her babies.

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