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Cyclist Carries Broken Leg Stray Dog on His Back to Save His Life

Kindness is one of the most beautiful things in the world. There is nothing kind-hearted people can do. Many kind people help stray animals. Because of those kind people, innocent animals get a new lease of life.

Image : Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

Jarret Little is a man with such a beautiful heart. Cyclists often have to deal with a variety of incidents. One day Jarrett Little and his group of hill cycling friends were riding near the woods in Columbus, Georgia. There they had face to an unexpected incident As they were riding along the road, a dog hopped out of the timbers. It was like welcome them. But he was so weak and thin that he could not even walk properly. Apparently one of his legs was broken. They gessed that he might have been hit by a car. He was very hungry.

Image : Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

So the cyclists gave him food and water. He ate that food very fast. The dog seemed to definitely need help. But there was no way to transport him. So jarred decided to raise the dog on his back as well as bring him to the city. He gently put the pet dog’s busted leg into the back pocket of his t-shirt. He really had a golden heart. Because usually a man does not do something like this. Because it is not an easy thing. The photo of dog riding on Little’s back quickly became popular on social media. He biked for about 7miles.

Image : Facebook/Adventures of Columbo

When he came to city, a woman named Andrea came forward to help the dog. At first she took the dog to a veterinarian. There he does several tests and began repairing his leg. The dog soon fell in love with her. So she had to adopt him. They named this dog Columbo and he started living happily with his new home. He gradually recovered. He started playing with his other dog friends. Andrea also started a social media page for him.

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