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Shelter Dog Jumps with Joy When Family Come to Adopt Him

Life at a shelter is not as easy as we think. Shelters are like a heaven for stray animals. But no animal gets the love and care like a family in the shelter. Therefore, every animal that lives in a shelter dreaming about living with a loving family.

Image : Facebook/Carson Animal Care Shelter

Benny was a dog who had such a dream. He has been waiting for his dream come true since he was 8 months old. He was a small dog of the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California. He did not like life in the shelter at all. He was more special than the other dogs in the shelter. Because he captured the hearts of everyone who stopped by his kennel. Because Benny is a very cute dog, but no one came forward to adopt him. Few months later, one family wanted to adopt him. He hit the jackpot when this loving family decided to take him home.

Image : Facebook/Carson Animal Care Shelter

At first he did not realize that he was going to adopt. But when he realized that, he began to wagging his tail furiously. Benny could not bear the joy. Staff at the Carson Shelter videotaped this amazing moment. And it was watched over 6 million times. That video got thousands of comments because it is a very sensitive video. When Benny was taken to the outside world, he continuously jumps for joy and runs laps around his new owners. His behavior showed how happy he was to have a new family. His new owners were very loving.

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