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Dog Refused to Be Separate From Her Elephant Friend in His Last Hours of Life

Friendship is a wonderful thing. It can develop among all the animal species in the animal kingdom. Friendship is one of the most beautiful and strong bonds in the world. There is nothing that true friendship can’t do. True friends do not leave their friend until the last moment of life.

Image : BLES

The dog is a friend of the entire animal kingdom. Pancake is such a lovely dog. Three years ago she lived as a stray dog. But fortunately somebody rescued him from the streets and gave him to an elephant sanctuary. After hearing about Pancake, Katherine Connor, founder and director of BLES, was adopted dpg and brought to the lodge. Although she was not an elephant, she adapted very well to that life. There was an old elephant named Boon Thong in this elephant sanctuary. She was about 60 years old. Pancake was Boon Thong’s best friend. It was time for Boon Thong to say goodbye to her life.

Image : BLES

So Pancake’s instinct realized that her health was not well. She sensed that something was wrong. So the dog realized she had to be with her. So she stayed by her side. Pancake never left her elephant friend’s side for a moment. So both Pancake and Connor sat with Boon Thong for hours. In the last hours of her life, pancakes never left her alone for a moment. Pancake refused to leaving her alone. Finally, 9 hours later, she slowly closed her eyes forever. During these 9 hours, Pancake did not even move near her. Pancake is a really good friend.

Image : BLES

Boon Thong is an elephant that carried tourists on her back for nearly 30 years. So eventually her spine was going to break. She came to the sanctuary 5 years ago. There she was able to live freely and for most of her life she was able to do everything she could not do.

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