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Pup Was Using An Old Shoe As A Shelter After Being Abandoned Him.

Stray life is not an easy one. People can’t imagine the difficulties that they face in stray life. Even finding some food is a big challenge gor them. This condition is most common to dogs and cats. Because a lot of people are throwing cats and dogs into the streets. So humans are part of a creature that does not recognize humanity.

Image : Goran Marinkovic

Stray life is not something that little puppies can bear. Goran Marinkovic was a man with a golden heart. Because he often visit and takes care of stray animals. In March 2020, he went to feed the stray animals as usual. There he found something very sensitive and heartwarming. An abandoned puppy was sleeping next to an old shoe. When he found the puppy, the puppy was very weak and hungry. The puppy was surrounded by garbage and his health was not so good.

Image : Goran Marinkovic

Goran guessed that the puppy must have used this old shoe as a shelter. That shoe may have helped keep him warm. He took the puppy home without thinking twice. He then named the puppy Smesten and gave him the treatment and nutrition he needed. Goran tried his best to recover him and give a beautiful life. A heartless man has thrown this puppy like garbage. But now he has a beautiful life. That’s thanks to Goran. He is a man with a golden heart. Currently, he’s feeding around 100 cats and dogs. He feeds and cares for abandoned animals that have no owners. He does not get food and help from people for this and he usually works alone. And he does everything for free as a volunteer.

Image : Goran Marinkovic

After pup’s health improved, Smesten became a cute puppy. At Goran’s house he had a lot of brothers and sisters to play with. He is very playful and energetic pup. But he loves to sleep a lot.

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