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Starving Dog Carries Empty Bawl From Door to Door Hoping Someone will Feed Him

We often think that dogs do not understand many things. But it is a wrong idia. Because dogs understand a lot more than we think. Some dogs’ instinct are amazing. This is a very sensitive story about such a dog.

Image : Youtube Screenshots/world animal awareness society

One day a group of volunteers saw something very unusual. Volunteers often deal with dogs. But they had never seen anything like it. They saw a dog going from door to door with an bowl in his mouth. He was a stray dog and they followed the dog to find out where the dog was going with an empty bowl. This area is a large wasteland abandoned by the people. So there was no one in the houses. But he took the bowl and went door to door. Surely that might be with hoping someone will feed him. There was a look of despair in his eyes. Because there was no one in the area to feed him. Volunteers followed the dog till about 5 houses.

Image : Youtube Screenshots/world animal awareness society

Then they filled his bowl with food and giving him water to drink. Finally they decided to take care of not only him but also other homeless animals in the area. There was uncertainty about the next meal of these dogs. Maybe they’ll be able to find some food. Or they may be fed by someone. But their next meal was a great uncertainty. But even though they got a new life after being taken away by the volunteers. But there are thousands of dogs like this in this world. So we need to feed stray animals whenever we can.

Image : Youtube Screenshots/world animal awareness society

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