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Poor Dog Abandoned and Tied To Tree Without Foods or Water

None of us like street life. Because living on the streets is a big challenge. And if someone tied you up a tree in the middle of a jungle, it’s even more difficult. None of us want to face that kind of thing. But some peoples do such things to innocent animals without thinking twice. People do not think for a moment how much broke innocent animals’ heart.

Image : Solent

One day a dog walker found something very heartwarming. But a dog tied to a tree and abandoned. That’s a dog was a dog tied to a tree in the woods by the side of the road. This dog had tied about 50 meters from the RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Shelter in Ringswood, Hampshire. The dog had no food or water. He informed about this to the RSPCA as soon as possible. They arrived at the scene to rescue the dog as soon as possible and when they arrived there was nothing fine. The dog’s mental condition was completely down and he did not let anyone to approach him. Actually this poor dog was very confused. And he was shivering when they found him.

Image : Solent

Rescuers searched the dog’s owner but they couldn’t to find any information about the owner. He is a Rottweiler Mixed Dog. At least he didn’t even have a microchip. And no any sign of an owner. No one know how long he was there because the place where the dog was tied is not so visible to people. When they found him, he was very thirsty and hungry. Eventually rescue officers took him to the lodge and named him Bruce. He is still a young dog about 16 months old. After the dog recovered, they sent him for rehoming, where he was adopted by a woman in Bournemouth.

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