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Mama Dog Requests Man to Not Abandon Her and Her Puppies Alone

Some people do not really have a heart. Because they do not know what humanity and kindness are. People like that do not know that every animal wants to live in this world. Every animal wants a beautiful loving life.

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This sensitive video is a video that was shared very fast through social media. This video touched the hearts of many animal lovers. One day a man brought his car to an animal rescue center. According to the video, an adult dog got out of the vehicle with him. Then he takes out a box which had some small puppies that were a few days old. Those little puppies were still jad their closed. Then this heartless man put them all at the front gate of the animal shelter and gets ready to leave.

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No one could believe what happened the next moment. Because it was a very emotional moment. The mother dog jumped on the man’s legs and tried to stop him. She placed her front legs firmly on his, makng it difficult for him to move. Like asking him not to leave her and her little pups alone there. But he did not care the request of the innocent mother dog. He quickly left the place. Shortly afterwards the shelter staff found the family of dogs and took them first to the vet. There the veterinarian identified that the mother dog had several health problems.
She had a lump in her stomach and they decided to remove it. But at that time the shelter was also facing financial difficulties. Unfortunately, two puppies had to leave life. Also, the owner of these dogs finally met the chairman of the shelter and told him that he had left them due to his financial difficulties.

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