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Wonderfull Rottweiler Just Says “No” to Vegetables and “Yes” to Cheese

The Rottweiler is a very intelligent and smart breed in the dog world. They have a highly developed instinct and a great ability to understand any little thing very quickly. And they can mimic human. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun. Today we are going to tell you about one such smart rotwiller that quickly became popular on the internet.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Rottweiler Life

But after hearing this dog’s story, you will believe that dogs can mimic humans. The video quickly became popular on social media. He is obedient like a little boy. The way he responds to what his owner says is truly amazing. According to the video, the owner brought a plate full with cheese and vegetables to the dog, which contained broccoli, carrots, pieces of cheese and a few pieces of bread. The owner first took a piece of cheese. He was then asked if he want to eat cheese, and he responded in a positive manner.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/Rottweiler Life

Secondly she asked him if he want to eat broccoli. There he rejected them and shook his head from left to right to say “no” in denial. Then she gave him a piece of cheese again. He did not refuse it and ate very happily. Finally she asked him if he want carrots. There he rejected them again and shook his head from left to right to say “no”. He is a very intelligent smart dog. Because he understands very well what his owner is saying. He also knows the difference between cheese and vegetables. The dog knows very well how to down his head when he needs to say yes to confirm acceptance. He also knew how to move his head from left to right when he wants to say no. What a wonderful dog he really is.

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