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Woman Finds Stray Mama Dog Keeping Few Days Old Human Baby Warm

Many people think that humans onliy can understand what love is. But that idea is completely wrong. Because sometimes animals understand a lot more than humans. There are a lot of things that some people don’t understand. But dogs’ instinct can understand lot of thing. This is a story about such a wonderful mama dog.

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A woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one day discovered something she never expected. After seeing it, she could not believe that what she was seeing. Way is a street dog that lives on the streets of Buenos Aires. Actually she had a golden heart. Why walk the streets every day looking for food. One day she gave birth to pups. Since that day on she had a lot more mouths to feed. So she had to walk along the streets more than ever for find some of food. Meanwhile, winter came in Argentina. But she did not stop walking the streets for some food. Because she can’t keep her pups starve. One day she found an abandoned baby while walking down the street looking for food. The baby must have been a few days old.

The instinct of mama dog realized that the baby needed warmth very quickly. So she returned to her puppies and took them one by one to the baby. She then wrapped her body tightly around the group to the warm up baby and his pups. The next morning, Alejandria Griffin, a local homeowner, heard the baby’s voice. When she checked the voice, she saw the stray dog adopted the baby as her own. She informed the authorities about this and they took the baby for treatment as soon as possible. Doctors said the baby’s life would have ended if it hadn’t been for the dog’s brave deed. So she was regarded as a hero. Eventually Way and her pups were took to a nearby shelter.

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