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Owner Searched on Internet How to End His Dog’s Life Before AAbandoning

Some people raise pets but don’t show love for them. Some people do not care about their pets. Most pet owners do not want to be separated from their pets at all. But not everyone is loving like that.

Image : SWNS

Anthony Christie, 41, of Sunderland, had a Rottweiler named Elsie. Anthony, a father of three, is not a lovely pet owner. Elsie had a lot of health problems. She had lost lot of skin and had a lot of weakness in her legs and elbows. In addition, a green fluid came out from her eyes. She had lost a lot of weight and even lost her hair. She is a very old dog. Because she was 13 years old. So she had to be put down. But her owner wanted speed up to end her life naturally rather than put down her. So he searched how to end his Rottweiler’s life on internet. So he gave Elsie various medical tablets and food to end her life. In addition, he did other things for her. That was to end her life quickly.

Image : SWNS

He eventually abandoned her in his backyard. But fortunately a neighbor spotted her lying motionless and curled in the back garden. The neighbor threw some food at her over the wall. She tried to get up to eat it but she could not do it. Because she was so weak that she could not even stand up. The garden was very dirty. The neighbor realized that she needed help quickly. So she informed a rescue team about her and they came and took her to. When rescued, Elsie weighed only 25 kg. He took the dog to a vet as soon as possible. But she did not have the luck to live. Due to the difficulties she was facing and her health problems, vets decided to put her down.

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