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Travel Influencer and His Dog Left Life During Their Dream Drive After Hit By a Vehicle

Some of the bonds are amazing. We can not even imagine how strong some bonds are. There was also such a very strong beautiful bond between Jesse Kozechen and his beloved dog. Perhaps that is why they both left life together.

Image : shurastey/Instagram

Jesse Kozechen is a Brazilian Instagram Influencer. He started their dream drive from Brazil to Alaska with his Golden Retriever dog,Shurastey. That was in 2017. He has traveled around 17 countries with his dog in his old Volkswagen Beetle. Accordingly, they have traveled around 52,000 miles and 17 countries in their car. They are very popular all over the world under the name of Shurastey. And they were loved by many in the world. But unfortunately they both had to leave life few days before finishing their dream drive from Brazil to Alaska.

Image : shurastey/Instagram

They were traveling on Highway 199 outside Salem, Oregon, at 10:30 a.m. on May 25. From their Volkswagen Beetle. Meanwhile, he tried to pass a line of cars that slowed down for ahead. But unexpectedly he entered the oncoming traffic and hit with another vehicle and both of them had to close their eyes forever. The highway was closed for more than two hours following the incident. Their journey was scheduled to end in Alaska but was slowed down because of various global problems. However, with this incident, the hearts of many fans of them were completely broken.

Image : shurastey/Instagram

They had posted their last photo about four days before the incident. Also, Jesse Kozechen posted a photo of he was standing in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge with his dog in the last post on his instagram account.

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