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Family Brings Their Dog to Vet to Be Put Down Because They Don’t Like Her Enough

We can not even imagine how unkind some people are. The lives of innocent animals are not cared for in the slightest. They think only of themselves. No loving pet owner can decide to put down their pets because they no longer want them. But these owners did.

One day a granddaughter and grandfather were brought their senior dog to the vet. That was to put down her. The reason they gave for that was unbelievable. This decision was made because they no longer like this dog named Holly. But the vets could not put down her. So they contacted Melissa Elliot Smith of the senior dog rescue organization Old Dog Home in Georgia. That’s to see if she would take Holly in order to save her. Fortunately, Smith agreed with the vet’s sensitive request. And the granddaughter told to Smith another amazing thing. “We do not really like her. We like our other dogs better.”

Image : Old Dog Home

Finally Smith took Holly and gave her a comfortable place to sleep. And Smith told his granddaughter”that from now on, she will always be loved and wanted…” Smith is a man with a very kind heart. That’s because she had created the charity Old Dog Home to help unwanted old dogs. Holly is an incredibly sweet dog. And she was completely dirty. Her hair was oily and began to fall out. And her eyes were thick because she was so old. So the veterinarians started treating her. So no one can decide to put fown a dog like this. Holly’s previous owners could not really be human. She was completely confused when the owners left her. She did not even want to get out of bed.

Image : Old Dog Home

Smith upload a social media status about Holly. It was shared by thousands, and her supporters donated $ 20,592 to cover her veterinary expenses. Also, many people had sent applications to adopt her. So Holly had finally found her true forever home

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