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A Mama Dog Led Rescures to a Home Where Her Puppies Being Abandoned

There is nothing in this world as precious as a mother’s love. It is worth more than diamonds. Mother’s love cannot be priced. Mother’s love is the purest love in the world. A mother can do anything for her babies. That is why the mother is called as a most trusted woman in the world. So it is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world.

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One day a group of shelter volunteers found something unexpected. As they were walking, they came across a very weak and very thin female dog. Certainly she had not been properly fed for a long period time. She tried to tell something to the volunteers. She tried to go somewhere and kept stopping and turning around and waiting until they followed her. So the volunteers realized that the dog was trying to take them somewhere. So they followed her. The dog took them home and they could not imagine what was going to happen. They guessed that it might be the house where the dog live. But they felt that something was wrong. And when the dog looking at them, they realized that there was a big story in her eyes.

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Volunteers entered the property. There were 10 other puppies on this property. Also, several other animals had left their lives in the property. They did not have proper food and water and the animals were completely neglected. Volunteers then identified the owner of the dogs as 27-year-old Ashley Gresham. The mom dog had torn open a cushion and made a bed for her 10 puppies. Fortunately all the puppies were healthy. Because even though she had no food or water to eat, she fed her puppies continuesly. She is really an amazing mother. Rescuers took the dogs to a shelter, where they began to recover after treatment.

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