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Woman Reunited With Her Rottweiler After 5 Years

We do not want to be separate from our loved ones. Because we love them so much. We do not want to dream about such a thing. So such strong bonds exist not only between humans but also between humans and dogs.

Jennifer Koczan is a woman from Indiana. She had a 3-year-old Rottweiler dog named Sasha. There was a very strong bond between her and the dog. The dog was her best friend and she could not live without Sasha. But one day something unexpected happened. One day in 2008, she came home from work and she wasn’t at home. She was looking for her dog everywhere. Jennifer could not imagine where Sasha had gone. Her heart was completely broken. Because she’s like a family member. But no information was received about Sasha. Jennifer always wondered what happened to her. She thought she would never see Sasha again.

Woman Reunited With Her Rottweiler After 5 Years

And five years after Sasha’s lost, Jennifer received a phone call. It was from a member of the staff of the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) in Phoenix. She could not believe what he said. He said they found Jennifer’s lost dog. Thanks to the microchip embedded in Sasha’s skin, they were able to find out about Sasha’s owner. Rescuers had found when she abandoned. They also told her that they could only hold Sasha at their overcrowded facility for a five days. So jennifer had to find a way to come to Arizona

But fortunately, Kindred Hearts Transport Connection came to help Sasha to go back home. Sasha is now an 8 year old dog so the cross-country drive would be a lengthy one for her. So they started a special plan for her. They decided to foster the Sasha at a home in Oklahoma City for a week before continuing on to Indiana. But Jennifer did not believe that Sasha would recognize her. Because they were separated for 5 years. After the two meet, she quickly recognized Jennifer. In addition, she quickly identified her car and all the furniture in her house. Sasha kept looking at her with a look that said, ‘I know you…’. No one knows exactly what happened to her during those five years. But she promised to make Sasha’s future a better one.

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