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Owner Dumped Poor Eyed Senior Dog at Shelter Because He’s Too Old

Some people raising animals but do not know what love is. You can never bear to hear someone told you are too old and are no longer wanted. It will completely break your heart. It’s not onlu us but also for animals. But this innocent dog had to face such a difficult incident.

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This 13-year-old Chihuahua dog named Chico trusted his owner a lot. Like every dog, Chico thought they would never leave him. But nothing happened as he thought. When he getting older from year by year his owners no longer wanted him. So the owners took him to the Lancaster Animal Welfare Center in Los Angeles, California. Because he was 13 years old, they thought they did not want him anymore. Owners who truly love their pets with all their heart can never do such a thing. Because no matter how old they are, they are like little babies.

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The hostel staff were also heartbroken by what happened to him. So the kind people at the shelter decided to put him on the medical ward. Because they did not want to break his heart any more. Meanwhile, shelter photographer, Rita Earl visited him. Rita realized that his heart was broken by Chico’s eyes and paid more attention to him. Seeing her, Chico suddenly got up and began to wagging his tail. Like saying he was happy to see her. She posted some photos of him on social media and they became very popular. He was then took to a veterinary center. Finally he will remain with a foster until he gets a forever home. There he also received a new name, Toast.

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