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Abandoned Rottweiler Lost His All Four Paws and He Could Walk Again With Artificial Paws

Living without an arm or a leg is not easy for anyone. Because arms and legs are essential parts of us. Not only humans but also animals cannot live without them. But living without legs is a big challenge. This dog had to face such a challenge.

image : Better Paws For Brutus

We definitely need legs to go where we want, run and play. Without legs we can do nothing. But this Rottweiler had to face that difficulty. This Rottweiler named Brutus faced many difficulties in life. One day, Brutus was in extreme cold weather by his breedr. He was a young dog when he abandoned. But a rescue team found him and rushed him for treatments. But the challenges of his life did not end there. Because of staying in the extreme cold weather, the tissues of his legs were completely weakened.

image : Better Paws For Brutus

As a result he couldn’t walking. He could not play with the other dogs and even go where he wanted. Brutus lost all his paws. But the vets did not give up him. A team of vets at Colorado State University said he needed an artificial legs. But they were very expensive. Meanwhile, a woman named Laura Aquilina adopted him. But she was difficult to find this money by herself. So she started a crowdfunding campaign for Brutus. Thousands of kind people came to help him. As a result, she was able to raise more than $15,000.

image : John Eisele, CSU Photographer

Eventually the vets fitted him with four artificial legs and he was soon able to live a normal life like the other dogs. It took him a while to learn how to walk with new feet. But with the full support of the vets and the owner, he soon learned. Now he can go where he wants. Can run and play like other dogs. So finally he got a new lease of life.

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