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Small Dog Abandoned with a Heavy Metal Hook that Pierced Underneath The Chin

Every animal have a right to live. But many people think that only people have the right to life. We all like to a beautiful, comfortable, loving life. It is common not only to us but also to the animal kingdom. But some people do not understand this simple thing. Such people do very unkind things. This is a story about a difficult fate that a dog had to face because of a heartless man.

This is a really sensitive story. Living with a 15lb metal chain around your neck is not a easy thing. But this innocent little dog had to face such a life. He is still a very cute 3 year old German Shepherd-Rottweiler. His life was not a beautiful one from the beginning. One day Detroit dog rescue officers were able to find this dog when he abandoned. It was a very cold weather and a kind man could not abandon a dog like this. When they found the dog, a large metal hook was attached to his neck which using by hikers. It is a very large metal hook that weighs about 15lb.

Image : Detroit Dog Rescue

It was pierced underneath his chin toward thelower part of his neck. He couldn’t even walk with this large chain. They took the dog to this vet as soon as possible to free him from the metal hook. For about 3 hours they tried to remove it. Vets examined him and said that the hook was likely embedded in dog’s neck for weeks. Eventually they successfully removed the chain. Then started treatments for the little dog. In addition, there was a large gap in the back of his neck. They also treated it and after few weeks dog’s condition completely improved. Eventually they started looking for a lovely home for this cute boy named Courage. He really is a very cute loving dog. No one can do such a thing.

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