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Dog Running Through Traffic Asking For Help For Her Owner

As we say every day, the dog is a beautiful gift from God to human. The dog has been man’s best friend since ancient times. Because the dog’s loyalty to man cannot be expected from any other animal. The dog can quickly understand human’s feelings. That’s why there are so many dogs in this world that have saved the lives of their owners. This is another story about such a heroic dog.

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Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband were walking along the road when they saw something very unusual. A dog was wandering the streets near a veterinary hospital in Guapiles, Costa Rica. The dog’s behavior was very unusual and the couple realized that he needed someone’s help. So they approached the dog and decided to help her. But it was not as easy as they thought. The dog ran away when they came to help. But they did not give up the idea of helping him. So they decided to follow the dog and in the end the dog stopped at a place they never expected. Because the dog stopped near a man lying on the ground. He was fell on the floor.

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They could not understand at once what was happening. But they realized that this man needed help. So they called a medical team for help. The dog did not leave this man’s side for a moment. Surely he must have been the owner of this dog. The dog must have run across the street for ask someone’s help after he fell. When the medical team arrived, the dog also tried to get into their vehicle but dogs are not allowed in the vehicle. So they had to get rid him. Then Milagro took dog named Chiquita to the veterinary center where she worked and treated him. It is not clear what happened to them in the end.

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