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Rottweiler Saves Girl From an Unknown Man In Middle of The Woods

Every dog is a hero. There are many dogs that have saved human lives and all of them are superheroes. Rottweilers are a very smart breed with higher instinct. When something going to wrong they they felt it very quickly. This is a story about such a heroic dog who saved a girl’s life.

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A few years ago, 49-year-old Liz Maxted-Bluck was on her usual evening walk with her dog. That’s at a park in the West Midlands, Coventry. But they did not think that they would be able to save a life during this walk. Her dog is two-year-old Jake, a Rottweiler. While walking with the dog, something unexpected happened. Her dog Jake suddenly started running towards into the jungle near the park. But she could not understand why he behave like this. But she also followed the dog into the woods, where she heard a woman asking for help loudly. So she thought that something was going to wrong.

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In the next moment she saw a young man dragging a young woman into the woods. It was not difficult for her to understand what was going on. The young woman was trying her best to escape from him. Jake ran up to them quickly and tried to bite the young man. The dog then bravely chased him away. Ms. Liz informed the officers as soon as possible. Jake stood next to them watching out, as if he was guarding them.

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She was about 20 years old girl. When she was walking through the park, a young man named Adhami dragged her into the jungle. He was riding bicycle through the park. Jake’s instincts quickly realized what was going to happen and it was really amazing. A 13 year old girl has been facr to a similar incident due to this young man. A few hours later officers caught the young man. Jake eventually received an award from the RSPCA for this heroic deed.

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