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Mama Dog With Broken Leg Leads Vets Two Miles to Rescue Her Puppies

Nothing in this world can compare to the love of a mother. A mother can face any challenge for her kids. Because Mom is the strongest woman in the world. It is common not only to the human world but also to the animal world. Another great best example.

This greyhound named Vera is abandoned by her previous owner. She was very weak due to lack of food and proper nutrition and she was very thin. Her appearance clearly showed how difficult stray life is . One day, a kind woman saw her when she was wandering around a market in southern Spain. She walked with great difficulty and the woman realized that she definitely needed help. This woman, Lianne Powell, befriended with the dog and took her to a vet. With the hoping of giving her a new lease of life.
The vet examined her completely. There he noticed that Vera was producing milk. The vet also said that she had definitely given birth within the past week. Vera’s leg was broken and he treated it. After treating the leg, the vet

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guessed that she would lead her to the puppies. So Mrs. Powell put her on a leash and took her outside. Their guess was correct. As soon as he came outside of the veterinary center, Vera started walking with a purpose. They decided to let her lead because it was the only way to find her pups.

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They walked about two miles. It was not easy for Vera. Because the condition of her leg was not good at all. Vera led the rescuers through backstreets, across muddy side streets and along main roads. She eventually led them to an abandoned old car next to an abandoned house. They checked the car and found 10 puppies napping in the back seat. Fortunately all the puppies were very healthy. She took kind people to her pups and the way how she show them where they were was unbelievable. Mrs. Powell then worked with Ibiza Hound Rescue to care for the 10 puppies. Eventually Vera and her 10 puppies got the perfect home. Maybe if they hadn’t found the puppies they would all have ended their lives. Because Vera is also a very weak dog when found her.

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