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Hero Rottweiler Jumps Into The River To Save Little Friend From Floating Boat

The inside of a book cannot be determined by its outer cover. Not just books but animals too. Although the Rottweiler is known as an aggressive dog breed, they are truly an amazing breed. They have a much higher intelligence than other dogs. They’re really smart. That’s why they are among the ten most intelligent dogs in the world. This is a good example of that.

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One day a Rottweiler dog was walking with its owner near a river in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, China. While walking, he saw his friend stranded on a boat parked st the river shore. But no one knows why this dog got on the boat. But the ropes of the boat were cut off, and the boat slowly began to float to the middle of the river. The little terrier dog had no way of getting off the boat. He got stuck on the boat. The little dog quickly realized that something was going to wrong. So he began to bark ask for help.

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Meanwhile, fortunately the Rottweiler on the river bank saw this. He soon realized that his little friend needed help. So without thinking twice, he bravely jumped into the river and tried to save his friend’s life. He swam near the boat like a prolific swimmer. Then he grabbed the boat’s rope by his mouth and pulled the boat ashore with all his might. When the boat came ashore, the little dog jumped out of the boat. This is a great example of how much higher Rottweiler’s instinct. No dog can do such a thing except a brave and intelligent dog. It is a very fascinating feat. He rescued his friend.

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