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Woman wake To Find Strange Dog Sleeping In Her Bed

Some dogs live in their owners’ homes just like their kids. Those owners no difference between their own kids and dogs. So many dogs even sleep in their owner’s bed with the owners. This ia not a amazing thing to dog owners. But if you saw an strange dog is sleeping on your bed when you wake up in the morning you will be amaze definitely. This is a story like that.

Image : Julie Thornton Johnson/Facebook

Julie Thornton Johnson is a beloved dog owner. She loved her dogs so much and it was very usual for her to woke up with a dog on her pillow. Her dogs sleep with her in bed everytime. One day when she woke up in the morning a dog was sleeping on her pillow. At first she thought it was her dog. That’s why she didn’t care so much for her. But after a while Julie was given a better look at the dog and she was completely stunned. Because it was not her dog and she had never seen that dog before. And she does not know who owns this dog. Actually she is a strange dog.

Image : Julie Thornton Johnson/Facebook

So Julie shared photos of this unexpected guest on social media, hoping to find the dog’s owner. Because she doesn’t even know how this dog got into the house. After posting the social media status, she was able to quickly find the owner of this strange furry girl. The dog’s owner, Chris Hawkins, came to Julie’s house as soon as possible. They have lived just a few doors down the road from Julie. Chris’s dog, Nala, must have slipped her collar in the middle of the night and made her way to Julie’s house, she said. But no one could imagine how this dog came into the house and came to Julie’s bed.

Image : Julie Thornton Johnson/Facebook

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