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Dog Left His Life and Owner Decided to Put His Ashes in a Beautiful Urn

The population of stray animals is increasing in every country because of humans are throwing innocent animals into the streets. Dogs and cats are more likely to face this unfortunate fate. This is another story about one such Rottweiler.

RSPCA members found an abandoned Rottweiler. That was in a suburb of North Adelaide. But when he was found, his health was not good at all. The area around his eyes was extremely red and had lost its skin. It was a big hindrance to his vision and rescuers speculated that this might have been the reason for abandon him. In addition, according to Ms Christie Adams of RSPCA he had been left untreated for at least two years. He also had another health problems, so they began treatments for him. After a few weeks, his condition improved. Although the Rottweiler is an aggressive breed by nature, this dog was a very obedient dog. They also named this dog Bear.

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Seven months later, when he was completely recover, a woman named Lindsay adopted him. She soon fell in love with him after seeing Bear’s photos. So she traveled about 60 miles to adopt him. They had to come to the shelter for two days to adopt him. However, Lindsay meet the vet and asked about his medical needs. Bear got a very comfortable life and his own blanket in the new home. He received delicious food and a loving family. He’s a really big obedient boy. A few days later he also took over owner’s bed. So Lindsay decided to buy a bigger bed for him. A very strong loving bond developed between them.

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But one day it all started to end. Bear’s health changed and she was rushed to a nearby vet for treatment. A scan revealed that Bear had a complex health problem that could not be recover. Vets said it is very difficult save him. So she realized it was time to say goodbye to her beloved pet. Lindsay’s heart was completely broken. According to vets he closed his eyes forever very soon. But the family could not forget the beautiful, loving memories he gave during his lifetime. So Lindsay decided to put bear’s ashes in a beautiful urn at her house.

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