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Hero Dog Saves Family Baby’s Life When She Stop Breathing Middle of the Night

The dog is a gift from God to man. Because dog is really a blessing to our lives. Dog owners know very well how valuable a dog is. Because a dog is someone who comes forward at any time to protect the lives of their owners. So today we are going to tell you a story about a heroic dog who saved the life of his family’s little baby in his family.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/ABC news

This young Brousseaus couple lived in Portland. One day they both decided to adopt a pet. Because they do not have babies yet, they thought it would be great to have a dog. So they went to an animal shelter in Portland, to choose a dog that suit them. There they soon fell in love with a dog named Duke. Because he is a very gentle loving dog. So they took Duke home and he had a very calm behaviors. So from the first day he came home he was very obedient to the Brousseaus couple.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/ABC news

About five years later, a little new member came to the Brousseaus family. The couple became a mother and father and she gave birth to a cute daughter. They named this little girl Harper and the Duke was very happy with the arrival of the new member. Surprisingly, Duke fell in love with little Harper very quickly. The dog began to care her like little baby’s elder brother. The Brousseaus couple were also surprised by the dog’s behavior. But they never thought that this wonderful furry friend would save their little baby’s life. Duke never forget to check her every time whe she sleep. One night something happened wonderful.

Image : Youtube Screenshot/ABC news

That night Duke’s instinct realized that little Harper’s condition was not so good and something wrong was going on. Little Harper was only 9 weeks old then. He ran as fast as he could to the Brousseaus couple’s room and began to shake their bed as fast as he could. Moaned loudly. The couple awoke with amaze about Duke’s unusual behavior. They realized he was trying to say something. Because Duke had never behaved like this before. He is a very calm dog. Realizing that something was wrong, they went to check on the baby’s room. Realizing that she was not breathing, the couple took her for treatment as soon as possible. The doctors were able to save her life because they took Harper to treatment very soon. But everyone said that Duke’s instinct and love saved little Harper’s life. So Duke proved to the world that he was the baby’s bodyguard as well as the elder brother.

Image : Caroline Nicole Photography

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