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Breeders Tries To Put Down These 3 Puppies But Rescures Save Them

Man is the only heartless creature in the world. When look at what some people do, we can think people really don’t have a heart. Because at least some people do not know what kindness is. And we cannot even imagine what some humans are doing to animals. They think that only humans have the right to live in this world. This is a story like that.

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Thousands of dogs face many difficulties because of the breeders who breeding dogs for economy profits. One day a breeder went to a vet’s office and made an incredible proposal. He told to the wet that he want to put down three puppies. These three puppies are English Bulldogs and they have had several health problems due to a breeding mistake. As a result, it was difficult for the breeders to sell them. So they decided to put down these innocent puppies because they are no longer useful for breeders.

Image : Waggle

Fortunately, a rescue team rescued those three puppies and did not let put down them. After rescuing the puppies, the rescuers realized that they had a larger health problem. One puppy had an enlarged eyeball. So he needed to be remove it as soon as possible. The other puppies had lost their eyesight. These innocent puppies had to face to this condition because of a genetic problem which came from breeding. They partnered with GreaterGood and The Animal Rescue Site to provide treatments for these puppies. They named them as Ellis, Yuri, and Evie. Rescuers said that they do everything possible they can to ensure they can go on to live happy and beautiful lives. Because they could not stand by and watch these puppies put down. People who know the value of life would never do such a thing. So let’s help the animals whenever we can.

Image : Waggle

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