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Hero Man Comes To Save Rottweiler and Owner Trapped In Mudflats at River

Walking with pets and family during leisure time is a hobby of many. Walking like that can get some people into big trouble. Especially dogs are like little kids. So they can get stuck in any problem at any time. This is a story about a Rottweiler dog and its owner who faced such a big problem.

Image : Jonathan Powell

Jonathan Powell, a 33-year-old truck dealer, had five dogs, including a Rottweiler. One day he decided to go out with his dogs and partner Benita Pukyte. To walk along the banks of the Severn River. Because everyone likes to walk along the sand in the evening. So they walked along the sand of Arlingham Passage around 6.30pm. Powell has many years of experience in this field. So he decided to go for a walk on the sand after the tide was out and sand was dry up. But after a while, something happened they never expected. Their Rottweiler ran fast over a large area of sinking sand. They had no time to think about anything. The dog began to sink in the mud.

Image : Jonathan Powell

Jonathan wanted to save the dog somehow. So without a second thought he desperately tried to reach to the dog. But unfortunately he also began to sink in the mud and he could not think of anything. He tells Benita to run for help as soon as possible. He continued to try to keep the dog calm until help arrived. A few minutes later Benita brought a rope and tied it to Jonathan’s leg. Then he tried to crawl to the dog but it was not easy at all. Meanwhile, a man named Sean Lomas heard the voices of Jonathan and Benita. So Sean and his partner came to the scene to see what was going on.

Image : Jonathan Powell

Sean saw the problem they were stuck in and started helping them as soon as possible. Then Jonathan crawled back up to tie the rope around the dog. Although both men pulled the rope the Rottweiler did not move. Finally Jonathan went back into the sinkhole for last attempt. Then he could to Free Rottweiler and she was very tired. So she was lying on the sand. Eventually, thanks to Sean and Benita’s help, they both survived. Their lives would have ended in the mud, especially if Sean had not come to help. And at last he did not forget to to meet his rescuer for a celebratory.

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