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Funny Rottweiler Completely Broke Neighbor’s Brand New Pool

A lot of people think that the Rottweiler is a very aggressive dog that is not loyal to its family. But those who think like that do not know how wonderful a breed Rottweiler is. They are so funny at times. Other times very lovable. The funny activities of some Rottweilers can never be forget. This is a story about such a Rottweiler.

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Some Rottweilers do not like water at all. But this Rottweiler named Chevy is very different from other dogs. Because when he first brought home he wanted to take a bath. So he jump into the tub when he need to bath. So the owners realized that he loved to bath. One day something happened very wonderful. A few weeks after Chevy came home, Chevy’s neighbor brought a pool for their dog. So Chevy also received an invitation to have fun in that brand new swimming pool with their dog. So he went with his owner to neighbor’ house to have fun in the swimming pool. But no one had any idea what was going to happen next.

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Chevy’s owner went with him into the back yard of a neighboring house. It’s a really great pool. It had a vinyl bottom and metal sides, etc. After seeing this wonderful pool, Rottweiler forgot the whole world. He ran fast and jumped into the pool. Then he started splashing it like crazy and started having fun as fast as he could. Chevy’s owner could not control him at all. The pool bottom was instantly shredded, the pool sides went crashing. Finally neighbor’s yard completely flooded. But Chevy’s neighbor had a loving heart. So she started laughing and she had no problem with what happened. The Rottweiler waited as if nothing had happened. But the next day Chevy and the owner bought two solid plastic shell pools. For that Chevy and the neighbor’s dog. But chevy had to buy a new pool for him every summer because he shredded every pool.

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