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Family of Four Rottweilers Saves Life of Lost 80 year-old Woman

A lot of people think the Rottweiler is a very aggressive tough dog. But that’s a completely wrong opinion. Because the Rottweilers are very obedient, with proper training and good socialization. And very loyal to their owners. With proper training, some Rottweilers will not be aggressive, not only to their owners but also to outsiders without any reason. This is the best example of that.

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Tilly, Billy, Gerard and May are four Rottweiler dogs. They are one family. They go for a walk with their owners every day. They lived near the playing field of Bournside School in Cheltenham. One day the four dogs went for their regular walk with their owner, David. When they were walking, one dog suddenly started running towards a bush in the school playground. Her behavior changed completely and the other three dogs began to follow him. They stopped near a bush. David Malt and Jack couldn’t think what was going on. They also ran to the bush and saw something they did not expect.

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An elderly woman was sitting under the bush. She was shivering because of the extreme cold, and when they got there the female Rottweiler was licking that poor old lady. She was 80-year-old. Her health was not so good and they took her for treatment as soon as possible. When her health improved, she said that she got off the bus at the wrong place. She also said that she went to her residence not far from the school. She got off the bus at this place around 10 am and she did not know exactly where she was going. So she has come under this bush to protect herself from the cold and the sun. She stays at this place from 10 am to about 2am. It’s an about 15 hours. So thanks to the Rottweiler family, they were able to save her life. Perhaps if no one had seen her she would have lost her life because of hunger and cold as well as because she was old.

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