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Kind Malaysian Man Feeds Neighbor’s Starving Rottweiler After Owners Left Away Home

Although some people raise pets do not pay special attention to them. Especially dogs are like little babies. But most pet owners do not understand that. It is the responsibility of the owners to provide food, protection and comfort for their pets, such as dogs. We’re going to tell you a story about such a Rottweiler dog.

Image : Muhammad Faris

A Rottweiler named Sony lived in a house in Malaysia. This dog trusted his owners as much as any other dogs. He never thought his family would leave him. But one day, unfortunately, Sony’s family left their home. But when they left home, they had no idea what will happen to sony. They did not leave any food for him.


Image : Muhammad Faris

Sony’s neighbor is Faris. Faris is a Sony’s best friend and according to Faris just a few years back, Sony was a big, strong dog. But after a while he realized that this dog was getting weaker little by little. He realized that Sony’s family was not feeding him properly. So this Rottweiler used to beg for food whenever he went out to feed their 15 cats. So he started feeding his neighbor dog friend as much as he could. And Faris used to bring a bag of dry food for Sony when he went to the grocery store.

Image : Muhammad Faris

One day, Faris realized that no one was at Sony’s house. He got a little closer and searched Sony’s house and no one was in the house. The yard and porch of the house were also dirty. So Faris asked his father where the neighbors were. Then the father said that the neighbors had left their house. Faris was really confused. Because they had not taken their dog. At least they did not think about what would happen to the dog after they left home. Faris could not imagine how this dog live in this desolate house without foods or water. The dog was completely weak and he was very thin. He posted a status about the dog on social media as soon as possible. So one of his other neighbours called the Department of Veterinary Services about this poor furry friend. They came and took Rottweiler and now his future is definitely secure. With Sony gone, Faris has a lot of dog food left and he gave it all to the stray dogs.

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