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Rottweiler Left His Life After Being Threw From Moving Car

We can never imagine how unkind some people in this world. They do not understand that every animal has the right to live. Because they think that only people have the right to live. Because of such people, many animals have to face lots of difficulties. A lot of people throw animals like dogs and cats on the streets like garbage. Today we are going to tell you a story about a Rottweiler dog who had to face lot of difficulties because of a man who did not have a heart.

Image : Robert Stridiron/Robert Stridiron

Humans do not think for a moment about the difficulties that have to face innocent animals after throwing into the streets. They don’t care about those things. Dasher is a Rottweiler who has faced many problems like that. Every dog trusts its owner more than its own life. Dasher also trusted his owner. She never thought he would break her heart. But it is not clear whether it was her owner. May be he was a breeder. One day Dasher was traveling in a car with a man. Meanwhile, she was thrown out of the moving vehicle on Cypress Avenue and Vermont Place near Jackie Robinson Parkway around 10:30 p.m. Those who saw this informed a rescue team as soon as possible.

Image : Robert Stridiron/Robert Stridiron

She was transported to the BluePearl Queens and ASPCA Animal Center for treatment as soon as possible. But Dasher was in the final stages of life at that moment. Her health did not good at all. In addition, this Rottweiler girl had a number of health problems. Veterinarians also found that she had a large mass in her stomach. But no one could clearly identify what it was. Multiple veterinary specialists worked for 24 hours to improve the Rottweiler girl’s condition. But she didn’t respond to any treatment. But no one gave up trying. They treated Dasher for about a week. But there was no change in her condition. So the veterinarians had to make a very difficult decision to put down her.

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