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A Stray Dog Begs A Motorcyclist For Love While He Stopped at the Red Light

Motorcyclists regularly face various problems because of dogs. There is a amazing bond between them that never changes. Because dogs often chase motorcyclists. But some dogs are completely different. Today we are going to tell you a story about a wonderful dog who made friendship with a motorcyclist in the middle of the road.

Image : Instagrame Screenshot/danilo.ricci

This incident was faced by Danilo Ricci in Sao Paulo. One day he he stopped at a red light when he was riding his motorcycle in the western part of Sao Paulo. There he came across a stray dog. But he never thought that this dog would make friends with him. This dog, who looked like a Rottweiler, came up to him and asked for his love instead of barking. Realizing that the dog needed his attention, Danilo gently rubbed his head for a few minute. He was really surprised. Because he had never met this dog before. When the traffic light changed they are separated. Danilo thought the dog would follow him. But he walked very calmly to the sidewalk. However, a video of Danilo and this dog quickly became popular on social media.

Image : Instagrame Screenshot/danilo.ricci

And next day Danilo went back to the same place to meet that wonderful dog friend. He was able to find the dog very easily. There he learned that this dog was not a stray dog and that he had a family and an owner. He also has other siblings. But he found that their economy was not so strong. They depend on money from people. The name of this wonderful dog friend is Nego. Nego’s mother lives near a traffic light. She also maintains these dogs with the that money. So after knowing their life story, Danilo could not be silent. Negro is already a very popular dog on social media. So he shared Nego’s story on social media and asked for help. Then, unexpectedly, many came forward to help Nego’s family.

Image : Instagrame Screenshot/danilo.ricci

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