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Girl Saved a Stray Dog on Her Way Home From School Middle of Heavy Rain

A kind heart is a gift from God. But not everyone gets that gift. People with truly kind hearts can make this world like a heaven. There is more kindness in the hearts of the little ones than in the hearts of the adults. Today we are going to tell you the best example for the best.

Image : Rejane Stiegelmair

Not just advance breeds but every dog’s life is priceless. So every dog has a right to a beautiful life. One day, Mayan Rodriguez of Brazil saw something amazing. One rainy, gloomy day she saw a girl returning home from school on the street below while she was looking out of the window of her apartment. She stopped on the sidewalk and Mayan watched intently what she was doing. She was really surprised by what she saw. The little girl put down her umbrella and removed her backpack and coat. She also saw a small puppy near her. The puppy was completely wet. Mayan was amazed to see the little girl lifting the puppy with her hands. She supported the little puppy in her arms and continued her way. Mayan did not forget to record all this. Because it was actually heartwarming and very emotional moment.

Image : Rejane Stiegelmair

A friend of hers shared this video with a group of neighbors. So they were able to identify who this little girl was. She is a 12-year-old girl named Cibely Stiegelmair, and they contacted her as soon as possible. The girl’s mother also told the media that her daughter has a great heart. The girl’s mother also said that if she could bringall the stray animals home, she would.. They named this little puppy Pretinha and gave her a beautiful life. Cibely is a girl with a really beautiful heart. She often thinks of stray animals. She always wants to save them all. Actually she is really like an angel.

Image : Rejane Stiegelmair

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