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Abandoned Rottweiler HHelped to Making a Fresh Start to Mentally Broken Man

It is very common for many people to leave animals on the road. And it’s very easy for them. People do not think about the difficulties they have to face after leaving them on the road. They do not know how precious an animal’s life is. And the dog is a gift from God to man. Dogs have an amazing ability to beautify human lives. This is a story about a Rottweiler dog with such a super power.

Dexter is a dog who has faced many difficulties in life. When he was one year old, his previous owner threw him out of the car. He is a heartless man. So he had to face many difficulties. He even lost his eyesight. But fortunately rescue team came to help him. Thanks to them, he trained to help people as a service dog.

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In October 2019, 45-year-old Simon faced a major setback in his life. He lives in Manchester. His wife left him and their marriage life completely broke down. After that he lost not only his wife but everything in his life. He even lost his house. He was left with only his clothes. So he was classified as a homeless man and later referred to the Scottish Veterans Residences. So he lived for a while in a veterans residence on the Brotti Ferry in Victoria Street, Rosendale, Scotland. But after a while he applied for a home of his own. As a result, he got his own property. But his life become very tough after that.

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When he went to his own house, there was no one to talk with him. With the loss of his wife and everything, his mental condition began to completely broke down. Because he lived alone all day. Eventually he could not bear this loneliness. This loneliness was a great stress on his mind. So he decided to adopt a dog. So he asked for the help of Rosendale Housing Assistant Caroline Sanderson. She came forward to choose the dog that best suited for Simon. So she quickly introduced Simon to a Rottweiler dog and dog trainer at Save the Dogz in Spain.

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This Rottweiler dog is the Dexter we mentioned above. He met Simon because he was a service dog. Simon actually fell in love with Dexter as soon as he saw him. Rottweiler also soon became friends with Simon. But at first this Rottweiler did not want to get in his car at all. Because he remembered the past when the previous owner threw him out of the car. But Dexter soon realized that Simon is a much more loving man than his previous owner. So he did not refuse to get in the car anymore. From the day he started living with Dexter, Simon’s mental state began to change completely. His life really changed. Now Dexter and Simon are very good friends.

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